The Hook Up Plan season 3

The Hook Up Plan season 3 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

The Hook-Up plan is coming back for a third season. The show was officially renewed by Netflix. This means that people can now rest easy.

After more than a year of waiting for the renewal announcement, it was announced that there would be another season. The series was created by Noemie Saglio, Julien Teisseire, and Chris Lang.

The Hook Up Plan is a French TV show that has two seasons with 15 episodes. It is only available in French. The show first aired on December 8, 2018. It had 8 episodes. The second season of this show was on Netflix on October 11, 2019. It had 7 episodes, and the third season has not come out yet. This is what we know so far. Read the end to find out more about the upcoming season.

What is the release date for Season 3 of “The Hook Up Plan?”

The date the third season will be released is not known. The streamer only said that they would renew it, but they didn’t say when the new season would come out. The next season will have 7 or 8 episodes. Besides that, there is not much information on the new season of The Hook Up Plan.

Netflix has not given any updates about the third season.

The Cast Of The Hook Up Plan Season 3

All the main people will return. They will play their same parts from before. Zita Hanrot (as Elsa), Sabrina Ouazani (as Charlotte), Joséphine Draï (as Emilie), Syrus Shahidi (as Antoine), Marc Ruchmann (as Jules), Guillaume Labbé (as Maxime), and Tom Dingler (as Matthieu).The Hook Up Plan season 3

What will happen in The Hook Up Plan Season 3?

The Hook Up Plan is about two women who want to help their friend find love. They don’t want her to be lonely. But they need to make sure that she doesn’t think of the person as a boyfriend or girlfriend. In The Hook Up Plan, a show on television, a girl has a plan to get the guy she likes. Charlotte and Emilie wanted to get Elsa a date. They called a man named Jules, and he agreed to take Elsa out on a few dates. But then something unexpected happened, and their relationship went deeper. Elsa stayed in Buenos Aires for four months but then she had to go home and found love again. After that, she got into big trouble, and her friends asked Max for help.

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In the second season finale, Elsa takes the mic while Emilie and Antoine are getting married. She gave a speech, and Jules agreed to try again. And they kissed. Then the party started.

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