Dogs of Berlin season 2

Dogs of Berlin season 2: Release date, Cast and Plot

Dogs of Berlin is a TV show about dogs. It is from Germany, and Christian Alvart created it. The series premiered on December 7, 2018. The show has only one season with ten episodes. The first German series, “Dark,” became a huge hit after it was released. Netflix launched its second German series, Dogs of Berlin, in 2018. This show is just as successful as the first one that was made in Germany. The show got good reviews from critics. People said that they liked the story because it was different and unpredictable. People wonder if Netflix will launch another season. We know a little bit about Season 2 of Dogs of Berlin.

Dogs of Berlin: Ratings

Dogs of Berlin on IMDb has a score of 7.6/10 and 83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

What is the show about?

In the book Dogs of Berlin, there are two detectives who have to work together against their will. They were forced into a fight with the criminal underworld in Berlin. The book is about how they find out about themselves and what they’re worth. – People may be on the right side of the law, or they may live in a place where there is no law.

Dogs of Berlin season 2

Dogs of Berlin Season 2: The cast

If season 2 happens, we expect to see the same actors in the show. They will play their roles again. Felix Kramer (as Kurt Grimmer) alongside Urs Rechn (as Gert Seiler), Samy Abdel Fattah (as Raif Tarik-Amir), Hauke Diekamp (as Wachtmeister), Giannina Erfany-Far ( as Kamila), Niels-Bruno Schmidt (as Bruno Przybylla), Kais Setti (as Kareem Tarik-Amir), Fahri Yardim (as Erol Birkan), Yasin El Harrouk (as Fahd) and Mišel Maticevic (as Tomo Kovac).

Dogs of Berlin Season 2 Release Date: When is it?

Netflix has not yet said when the second season of Dogs of Berlin will be out. As of now, this show has not even been marked as a limited series. The show is supposed to release in 2020. However, the virus Covid-19 led to the production being postponed. Ever since then, we haven’t heard anything from the showrunners. We don’t know what they are doing or when they will come back on TV. Netflix will probably make another season of this show. They might do it in the end of 2022 or in 2023.


According to different sources, the Dogs of Berlin season one took a long time to release. The second season will not show up right away. We need to be patient and wait for it.

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