Unauthorized Living season 3

Unauthorized Living season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

There is a Spanish TV show called Unauthorized Living season 3. It was created by Aitor Gabilondo. The title in Spanish is “Living Without Prizes.”This is a show with two seasons that has 23 episodes. The main stars in the series are Claudia, Alex, and Jose.The first season of the show aired on September 24th, 2018 on Telecinco.

In February 2020, the episodes from the first season were officially released for people from all over. The second season of this show will be on from January 13, 2020 to March 16, 2020. In this blog post, we have collected information about the third season of Unauthorized Living and more.

Overview of Unauthorized Living season 3

In the story, Nemo Bandeira wears a mask as a businessman. But he is really a drug lord. When he found out that he was identified with Alzheimer’s disease, just days before his 60th birthday, He is sick but does not want people to know. He worries about who will take care of him when he needs it.

The first season of this show was on TV in September 2018. The second season premiered on Netflix in January 2020, and there are 23 episodes. The show won many people’s hearts and it was nominated for several awards. The main character José Coronado, from the show, won an award in the 6th MiM Series Awards for Best Drama Actor for season 1. The series has a rating of 8 out of 10 on IMDb.

Fans want a third season of the Spanish series. They watched and loved the first two seasons and they want more. We have the newest information about the third season of Unauthorized Living. Read the article to find out what updates there are.

Unauthorized Living season 3

This is a TV show in Spanish. It has many actors like José Coronado and Álex González. The story is about a man named Nemo. He has done business in the past but then he became addicted to drugs. Nemo is about to turn sixteen. He gets Alzheimer’s disease. He chose to keep his truth as a secret and thought about who would be his legal heir in the future. The show is 75 minutes long.

Unauthorized Living Season 3 Cancelled or Renewal Status :

Netflix has not yet decided if they are going to cancel or renew Unauthorized Living for Season 3.We will update this page as soon as Unauthorized Living is cancelled or renewed.Stay tuned to know when the latest updates will come.

Unauthorized Living Season 3: Release Date

Unauthorized living season 3 has not been released yet, but it may come out soon. Besides, it is unlikely that there will be a third season of this show. The second season ended well and covered the whole story. The series director also confirm in an interview that this show was based on a book. The second season ended everything in the book, so it does not need to go on. It is likely that over there will be a new season of this show. However, we highly doubt that there is more to the story.

As the showrunner said in the Spanish series “Except for a miracle,” this show will end in the second round.”.The finale episode of the second season also had a happy ending. It tied up every loose end and left no questions.
The director of the series said that the story on which the series is based ended up with everything in season 2. So, we think that the show will not be renewed for another season. But do not lose hope. Maybe they will agree to continue the show, but with different episodes. The book is finished now.

The cast of Unauthorized Living season 3

Unauthorized Living season 3

If the 3rd.season of Unauthorised Living happens we’ll see some of the old faces reprising their roles. This means that they will be acting in the show again.

  • José Coronado (as Nemo Bandeira)
  • Álex González (as Mario Mendoza)
  • Claudia Traisac (as Lara Balarés / Lara Bandeira)
  • Luis Zahera (as Ferro)
  • Pilar Castro (as Chon Moliner)
  • Àlex Monner (as Carlos Bandeira)
  • Giulia Charm (as Nina Bandeira)
  • Unax Ugalde (as Malcolm Souza)
  • Héctor Arteaga (as Empleado Opensea)
  • Leonor Watling (as Berta Moliner)
  • Ledicia Sola (as Elisa)
  • Patrick Criado (as Daniel Arteaga)
  • Édgar Vittorino (as Freddy)
  • Daniel Currás (as Tigre)
  • Xabier Deive (as Adolfo Monterroso)
  • Ricardo Gómez and (as Alejandro)
  • Mercedes Castro as Carmiña Paula Morado (as Inspector Alen)
  • Javier Abad (as Nemo Joven)
  • Andrew Joseph Perez (as Young Nemo)
  • Julius Cotter (as Mr Anderson)
  • Pol Monen (as Lara’s boyfriend)

Plot Of Unauthorized Living Season 3

This series was based on the book Manuel Rivas wrote. Nemo is a businessman who has Alzheimer’s. He does not remember things well.He had a secret about his illness. He wanted to know who would be next in line if he died.
In the first season, the story was about how Bandeira tried to keep his family from knowing that he was doing different moves every day to avoid his problems. Meanwhile, in Season 2, the Bandeira cousins come.

They try to take everything from him, including his business and property. He goes through a lot of hard work and violence to keep his business from going into the wrong hands.
The series has ended. Elcomercio reported that there won’t be anymore new episodes.

The series creator also said: “Except for a miracle, the series will end in the second round.” A person from the television channel was asked if there will be a spin-off.
Manuel Villanueva responded to what you said.
I am sorry, but the reply is no. This story is about a closed and very closed story. It is the story of a saga that has a very resounding ending. At the beginning, people thought it would end there. You could see it in some of the characters.You cannot say that I will not drink from the water. But it does not fit into our plans.

Unauthorized Living Season 3 Trailer

As we know that TV makers do not want to renew the series for a third season,I don’t know if we will be able to see the trailer for Season 3 any time soon.


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