'My Brother, My Sister' Ending Explained

My Brother, My Sister Ending Explained

No family is perfect. But if we want to be happy and have peace, we need to try not to argue about things. It is hard to overcome differences. You need to tell the truth and forgive people.

The Italian Netflix family drama film, “My Brother, My Sister,” is about a brother and sister.

This story is about brothers and sisters who do not live together and they have to live together. The father of the family dies and so they have to live in the same house.'My Brother, My Sister' Ending Explained

The differences in their lives and past struggles make it hard for them to be together. As the fight each other’s demons, they realize that family is the greatest gift of all.

Here is what happened. 

‘My Brother, My Sister’

‘My Brother, My Sister’ Synopsis and Ending Explained

Tesla Costa is getting ready for her dad’s funeral. The date is in modern-day Rome. Giulio was a teacher in the field of astrophysics.He has two kids, Tesla and Nick. Nick is a piano prodigy.

Nick left the family twenty years ago for a reason that is unknown. When someone unexpectedly arrives at the funeral, they are at the funeral. He is talking about his father. He talks strangely to see her brother who she hasn’t seen for a long time. Tesla became very excited. Tesla’s daughter Carolina tries to make her mother feel better. She knows what it is like to be nervous and scared, because she has Schizophrenia.

Tesla wants Nick to leave right now so she does not have to tell him about her son’s illness. Federico, the family lawyer, comes and reads Giulio’s last will. He tells the family that their late father left them joint custody of their apartment. Giulio wants them to stay in the apartment for at least a year.

Tesla does not have a good relationship with her brother. They do not live together now, but they might have to in the future. Federico tells them they can choose not to do what their father wanted. They can make the decision to sell their house.

Tesla and Nick agree to honor their father’s last wish.

Nick continued to live a bohemian lifestyle and chaos resulted. Tesla, the company that makes cars, has strict routines for Sebastiano’s mental health. Carolina couldn’t handle the pressure. She left the house and stayed at her friend Emma’s place. Her mother told her to come back but she ignored her. She spends time in the camper van left by her grandfather.

‘My Brother, My Sister’

The Family Secret: Why did Nikola leave his home 20 years ago?

'My Brother, My Sister' Ending Explained

Nick left 20 years ago. Tesla was mad at him for leaving. For two decades, he did not contact them. He did not bother to check on his father and sister. Tesla took care of her family for her whole life. Still, it wasn’t enough.

For years, Tesla has had a life full of disappointments. Her husband, Paolo, left her eight years ago to marry another woman. Her daughter Carolina missed having a father, so she tried to contact her uncle Nick. But he never replied.

A few years later, her son Sebastiano had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.Tesla had to take care of this man and never got to move on with her life. Nick left her to carry all the responsibility of family.

After her father died, the girl finally had the chance to talk with him. They had some differences that they discussed. Nick left 20 years ago. He found his fiance Giada in bed with another man, so he left. It made him feel bad and he got sad. But it wasn’t the whole story.

Giulio has a lot of money that he owes to Nick. He also said that he did something bad. Federico gave Carolina a letter from Giulio and told her what was in it. Nick saw a man with Giada. That man is her father, Giulio. Nick wasn’t surprised that Giada went to his funeral because she used to know him.

Tesla forgives Nick after discovering the truth. She understands why he left and how he wants to protect his father and try to keep the family’s reputation.

‘My Brother, My Sister’

‘My Brother, My Sister’ Ending Explained: What Happens To The Family In The End?

Sebastiano created a friend named Kevin. Kevin invites him to go to the planet, Mars.Sebastiano thinks that the Earth has lost its love and music. He wants to escape to Mars where he can be with his classical music. The boy likely had a condition that developed because he didn’t have a father.

When people are around, they make the house better. Sebastiano started playing his violin and went to the beach with his uncle Nick. In the sand, Sebastiano saw his teacher Emma and his uncle Nick.

Seb loved Emma and thought his uncle was trying to steal her away. Seb panicked.When Tesla was angry, she told her brother to leave the house.

Seb was upset, but he decided to keep going at his concert. But as soon as he saw the crowd, the boy became anxious. He run away and obtained hit by a car.

At the hospital, Tesla and Nick talked to each other and they agreed that they would be friends again.Seb wakes up and tells his family to start making some changes. He asks his mom, Tesla, to start living her life. That emotional scene made us think that Seb would die, but he managed to survive.

In the end, the family finally forgave each other and got along. Giulio’s ashes were spread near the beach. Sebastiano made a lot of progress. He once told his imaginary friend that he was afraid of water. In the end of the film, we saw him walk right into it. The movie ends with the family hugging on the beach.

My Brother, My Sister reminds us that we should be nice to our family and forgive people. No family is perfect. But if you keep holding on to anger, it will be difficult for you. It is much easier to overcome anything with your family on your side.

I saw a movie called ‘My Brother, My Sister’. It is from Italy and was released on Netflix on October 8, 2021.

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