Missing the other side season 2

Missing: the other side season 2: Release date, cast and plot

Many people like to watch Korean dramas. These are stories about people and they are good. If you are into mystery stories that are a little bit scary, then you should read this book.“Missing: The Other Side” is a show that falls into the genre of mystery/fantasy that takes place in an unusual village. The first movie was very successful so now there is a TV channel in South Korea that only shows thrillers. The movie “Missing: The other Side 2” is coming out. We know that it will be coming soon, but we do not know the release date. We also don’t know who is in the movie or what will happen in it.

Missing: The Other Side 2: Release Date- When will it Premiere?

Missing the other side season 2

The release date for the sequel is not out yet, but it is still in the development stages. Back in April 15, 2021, OCN told the Korean media website Dong-a.com.Missing: The Other Side has a second season coming soon. However, the show’s direction and cast are not yet decided. The show also needs to make more episodes. It has not been decided yet if the original cast members will come back for the new season.

The people who make Missing: The Other Side 2 told me that they are making it. It is in the planning stage. The chief producer said they will make more of the show after they finished the first season. They talked with people about it.


If production begins by this year or early in 2022, the second season will be out late in 2022 or sometime in 2023.

The Cast of Missing: The Other Side season 2

Missing the other side season 2

The cast lineup is not revealed yet. But I am hopeful for the return of major characters.

  • Go Soo (as Kim Wook),
  • Heo Jun-Ho (as Jang Pan-Seok),
  • Ahn So-Hee (as Lee Jong-A),
  • Seo Eun-Su (as Choi Yeo-Na),
  • Ha-Joon (as Shin Joon-Ho),
  • Song Geon-Hee (as Thomas),
  • Kang Mal-Geum (as Kim Hyun-Mi),
  • Ko Dong-Ha (as Kim Joon-Soo),
  • Kim Jung-Eun (as Jo Myeong-Soon),
  • Moon Yoo-Kang (as Kim Nam-Kook),
  • Park Hye-Jin (as Choi Mi-Ja),
  • Ahn Dong-Yeob (as Park Beom-Soo),
  • Lee Ki-Chan (as Park Byeong-Eun),
  • Lee Joo-Myoung (as Jang-Mi),
  • Lee Joo-Won (as Park Young-Ho),
  • Jang Kyung-Su (as Detective Bok),
  • Jang Sun-Yool (as Seo Ha-Neul),
  • Ji Dae-Han (as Baek Il-Doo).

The plot of The Cast of Missing: The Other Side season 2

In the first season, there was a “delightful” ending. It wasn’t a bad ending with nothing happening. The people in the story got what they wanted and it was wrapped up so that each person had a good ending. In the finale episode, Jun-Ho couldn’t say goodbye to Yeo-Na. He was sad. But then Wook helped them talk to each other because he was in between them.

The most difficult moment for Jun-Ho was when he found the body. It was really hard for him to handle that. Wook and Thomas helped him find out that Yeo-Na was happy when she left.

Wook said goodbye to his mother. He has let go of the past. The final moments were upsetting, but also happy because he could see the village.

The ending is really good for a few of the episodes that were not as good in the past, but this is also a reason. The show wrapped up the story nicely, but if The Other Side 2 comes, there will be more mysteries to explore.

We will update this story over time with any new information or announcements about Missing: The Other Side 2. Until then, keep looking for new updates.

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