Diablero Season 3 Release date, Cast and Plot

Diablero Season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

Among all the different types of tv shows, horror is one of the most-watched. Giving someone a surprise and making them very happy is what we all like to do. It also scares people, but they still like it. ‘Diablero’ is a show with a scary story. It is sometimes shown with pictures and sounds.

Diablero Season 3 Release date, Cast and Plot

This show was created in 2018 by Pablo Tébar and José Manuel Cravioto.The movie is based on a book written by Francisco Haghenbeck called ‘El Diablo me Obligo.’ The title of this book is “El Diablo Me Cojió” in Spanish. The words mean “The Devil Forced Me” in English.The show is about a person who goes to different places and captures demons. With the help of a demon hunter, they capture the demons and sell them on the black market. When people who are like hitwomen, war veterans, and gangsters go into the story, it gets interesting.

What is the story of Diablero about?

This show is about a priest who takes the help of a demon hunter. The major cast of this show is Horacio Garcia.

Elvis is his role. Christopher Uckermann as Father Ramiro, Gisselle Kuri as Nancy, Fatime Molina as Enriqueta Keta Infante, Dolores Heredia as Mama Chabela, Humberto Busto as Isaac, Dulce Neri as Paulina, Gerardo Taracena as Benito Infante, Mariana Botas as Thalia and more.

There are 14 episodes in the show so far. It will be two seasons when it is finished. The show has gotten a lot of consideration, because it was first shown. The makers and creators of the show announced another season after it was shown. They made the announcement in 2020. A lot of people seen the show and they really liked it. They were excited to see what happened next and they wanted a third season.

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Diablero Season 3 Release Date: When is it coming?

Though there has not been much information out yet, Some reports say it will be out in 2022. The expected release month is said to be either January or February. The people who write the show and the people who play the characters have not told anything about what is going happen in this new season. Something might be leaked soon.

Is the Trailer out yet?

The movie hasn’t been shown. The cast has not been released yet. So the plot of the movie is not known. We advise you to wait for the show to come back in the future. There is a high opportunity of it happening very soon. Let us all celebrate and enjoy the first two seasons. Let’s be patient and wait for future seasons with our fingers crossed. Cheers!


We will keep this post updated over time. We will put in the news or official announcements when the release date of Diablero Season 3 or any other updates happen. Until then, wait patiently and keep looking for new updates!

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