Brutal Legend 2

Brutal legend 2 release date | Brutal Legend 2: Is it coming?

Brutal Legend is a video game. It was made by Double Fine, and it is for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360. A month ago, the developer Double Fine released a new game called Psychonauts 2. And fans are wondering what their next game will be. Do you think the studio might work on Brutal Legend 2? Let’s find out.

Brutal legend 2 release date

People have been asking for “Brutal Legend, Part 2”. Some people say they will buy it if they release part 2. The first part of this game came out in 2009, and it features Hollywood actor Jack Black. After the fan asks for something, the director of Brutal Legend will say yes. Tim Schafer has now shared some hints about the game. He had shared some indications about the release of Brutal Legend 2 shortly.


Is Tim Schafer going to make a sequel of “Brutal Legend”?

Brutal Legend 2

When he was questioned about the sequel of Brutal Legend, Tim Schafer said that they are not making it.In the interview, Tim Schafer said that they might start working on the plan on Brutal Legend 2 now as they have finished their project on Psychonauts 2. When asked more about the sequel of Brutal Legend, he did not deny making the game but said that it would be a hard project to work on for many reasons.

Brutal legend 2 Is it coming?

Tim Schafer made the games Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Double Fine has said that they do not plan on making another game like Brutal Legend. Someone asked if there would be another installment. Schafer said “We’ll see.Schafer said the studio has been making sequels for a long time. He said this is because they have always had more ideas than they can make. The team is not interested in making another one at the moment. But he told people that they should not be too quick to say no.
Here’s what Schafer said:

That’s an interesting world, too. I would like to live there again, but now we have been in sequel mode for a few years and it would be nice to do something new. Never say never.”

Schafer said that there would be a sequel to Brutal Legend. The time is not right for Jack Black to play Eddie Riggs.
Brutal Legend was released in 2009. It is for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It was released on PC in February 2013. The game was liked by people because it is funny, has action, and has good voice acting. One voice actor is called Eddie Riggs.
Brutal Legend takes place in a different world. There are demons that made humans slaves. You get to explore the world in Brutal Legend. This game is fun. You can customize the car that you drive.
What are your thoughts on Schafer’s comments about Brutal Legend 2? Please share them below!

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