Always a Witch Season 3

Always a Witch Season 3: Release date, Cast and Plot

Always a Witch Season 3 The book “Yo, bruja” was written by Isidora Chacón. This is a Colombian web television series based on the book. This show was created by Ana Maria Parra and directed by Matt Earl Beesley along with Liliana Bocanegra.Mateo Stivelberg and Louis Milito

What Is The Show About?

The show follows a witch from the 17th century who got away from being killed. She now lives in Cartagena, Colombia. So far, it has two seasons with eighteen episodes. The first season premiered on February 19, 2019. Netflix made 10 episodes of the first season, and then they made a second season. They released it on February 28, 2020.Across the world, there is a show with eight episodes. It is available in English for people who speak English.

Always a Witch Season 3

‘Always A Witch’ Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

The release date for this show is not yet available. Netflix has not yet fresh the show, but it is still up in the air. We hope the show is renewed for a third season. It is unlikely that it can be made this year, but hopefully by next year.

The show is popular. But it’s not being renewed. That’s unexpected. If the series gets renewed, it will arrive a few years from now.

‘Always A Witch’ Season 3: The Cast

If season 3 happens, the main cast will return.

  • Angely Gaviria (as Carmen Eguiluz)
  • Lenard Vanderaa (as Cristobal De Aranoa)
  • Carlos Quintero (as León)
  • Sebastián Eslava (as Esteban)
  • Cristina Warner (as Isabel de Aranoa)
  • Sofia Bernal Araujo (as Alicia)
  • Valeria Henríquez (as Mayte)
  • Dylan Fuentes (as Johnny Ki)
  • and maybe some new faces.

‘Always A Witch’ Season 3: The Plot— What Could Happen In Season 3? 

The series is about a woman named Carmen Eguilez. A 17th-century witch who falls in love with the son of her slave master.

In that time, the black race was discriminated. This meant they were treated as slaves and a romance between a black lady would not be allowed.A slave and a white man is unacceptable by society. Isabel, the mother of Cristobal found out about their relationship. she immediately blamed Carmen for using witchcraft to seduce his son and Carmen’s punishment is to be burnt alive at the stake.

A sorcerer, Aldemar, offered Carmen the chance to escape. Her choice is to travel to a time where people did not believe in Witches. The cost is that she can never use her powers again.

Desperate to escape death, Carmen promised that she would never use her powers. She used them to teleport herself to modern-day Cartagena in Colombia. She is trying to hide her identity. But one day, her true identity will come out.

In the second season, we saw Carmen trying to go back in time to save her mother. The second season is mostly about Carmen. She had to try and control her powers.

If the series gets renewed for a third installment. We are expected to see more character development or a different Carmen who will leave on a long journey. The story should be more powerful than the previous two seasons.

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